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In 2006 Connect Africa Ministries hosted our first outreach in this hard to reach outpost on the Sudan Border. The road was often closed for weeks at a time during the rains, and Attiak had been the site of the last major massacre during the LRA troubles of Northern Uganda.


During that week-long outreach to the Internally DisPlaced (IDP) refugee camp of 45,000, in the midst of the mud, leaking tents, and frozen faces of people who had faced so many hardships, we felt as a team that this was a place to establish a Connect Africa Resource Center to see this place transform. The Attiak CARC was locally-made using ISSB bricks by members of the community with Connected sponsors from Wine to Water, Newman Family Foundation, Samaritans Purse UK, and many friends of Connect Africa. Led by Robert Achai, an amazing young man who bears on his body and soul the scars of the hard times, serves with a huge smile and laughter. The  Attiak CARC has become a regional resource center hosting over 20 conferences in Appropriate Technologies, reaching into the newly formed nation of South Sudan to start BioSand Water Filter factories, ISSBs and spread the DNA of local empowered people transforming communities.



VIEW ON A MAP: Google Map of The Attiak CARC

DIRECTIONS: One hour north of Gulu, Uganda, at Attiak (last town before the South Sudan border) on the main highway.  


PHONE: +256 777 755 325

AREAS SERVED: South Sudan, Northern Uganda

From the Attiak Center

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