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In 2009, we crossed the border to Kenya to visit some ministry friends (Philomen min.) we had partnered with in the early years. They encouraged us to visit a site near Kibwezi, located 3 hours from the Coast. This area was in the midst of eight years of drought, and was more desolate as dry than we have ever seen. The sun was rises and there is nothing to see but red dust everywhere and nothing green to be seen, and we felt a whisper in our hearts, "Can this place bloom and rejoice"? With our eyes the answer was "No," but with our hearts the answer was "God, You can do anything."


Shortly afterward we invested in a 9-acre plot of dust, and the Kibwezi Connect Africa Resource Center began, a CBO formed and the community began the Appropriate Technology journey of transformation with BioSand Water Filters.


We have tried some innovative dry land ideas like digging the CARC building into the ground for natural cooling, planting in a tree windbreak, digging in berms and swails, and yes, the area can bloom and people rejoice!



VIEW ON A MAP: Google Map of The Kibwezi CARC

DIRECTIONS: Turn off highway at Kibwezi, Turn right past Nairobi University Land to Kandva, Look for Connect Africa Kibwezi Sign


PHONE: +254 708 450 128

AREAS SERVED: Kenya Coast to Nairobi 

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