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Trevor and Jana Tychon started the Connect Africa Ministries journey in 2003 by moving to Uganda to "give back" for a year. Over a dozen years later it still amazes us at what has unfolded in these Connect Africa Resource Centers, the community impact starts in one village but with time the Connect Africa Resource Centers (CARCs) reach expands to become regional training and transformation catalyst centers.


Our DNA of Connect Africa Ministries is relational, long term friendships, connecting different tribes, nations, and cultures to transform deep seated rifts at the core of most conflicts and developmental issues. We believe we are all God's kids, we welcome and treat people as family, and love can cover all differences.


Next we endeavor to Connect the right Appropriate Technology solution that can be locally made to help transform our friends lives, Bio-Sand filters, ISSB bricks, eco-sand toilets, permaculture gardens... we show folks that this is the water we drink, we build with ISSBs, we eat fresh, and look at how healthy our kids are! Jayden and Justin are Gods answer to our prayers and after 13 years married we are the barren that dance and rejoice.


We live this life of transformation and welcome you to come on the Connect Adventure in partnership with us.

Above: Connect Africa Board of Directors

Left: Connect Africa Team Members

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