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In late 2012 we began to get calls from our Pastor friends in Congo, as a war called the Great Lakes War erupted on the Uganda, Rwanda and Congo borders.


We were seeing pictures of the half-million refugees flooding out of the area, and then it became personal. People we knew, folks we had trained in Bio Sand Filters and our other technologies were requesting help in getting their sons and daughters out of the violence taking over the region. We sent the word out to partners, the Profits and many responded, and on Christmas Eve we took in the first group of a dozen. Soon it grew by another dozen, and we trained these folks in a three month marathon of training conferences in every appropriate technology we promote. As the shooting stopped and UN enforced peace took over, we released them with blessing to go home.


Well two years to the day, in December 2014, we received a surprise, as the official paperwork for the Goma CBO came to the Hub. All that was invested into these young lives had taken root and they had formed a solid organization of 30 members, navigated the governmental paperwork, got all the stamps, signatures, ect... A miracle! 


This first year, 2015 we plan on running a BioSand Filter conference and starting a filter factory in Goma, and establishing some partners who want to invest in this amazing new CARC center, our first in Congo.




VIEW ON A MAP: Google Map of The GOMA CARC



PHONE: +256 774 215 669


Videos from Goma

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