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Most parasitic diseases and illnesses that plague the overcrowded IDP camps (refugee camps) can be traced to either contaminated groundwater or to improper waste disposal. The result is high infant mortality rates and low productivity within camps as residents suffer from intestinal parasites.


Connect Africa is combating these problems by partnering with like-minded organizations to introduce the Ecological Sanitation (Eco-San) toilet, as well as an entire sanitation and hygiene training program, to East African villages and IDP camps. Instead of the traditional “pit -latrine” which contaminates underground water tables, Connect Africa’s EcoSan toilet utilizes an above ground collection tank to turn waste into compost and fertilizer. The EcoSan toilet is constructed from ISSB bricks that IDP camp residents make using the CARC’s brick making machine. In addition, Connect Africa’s hygiene education conferences provide IDP camp residents with basic health care and hygiene knowledge.

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